The journey planner service is based on OpenStreetMap (OSM), a collaborative project that creates a free editable map of the world daily updated by free and independent users.


  • the map could be not entirely completed or updated but it is constantly improved;
  • origin and destination addresses can be affected by errors or inaccuracies;
  • data related to public transport services (such as location of stops, timetables and routes) are provided by regional local authorities and operators with a quarterly update. In the case of missing updates, some locations may not be accessible by public transport services.


You can share your location in order to improve in order to improve your experience in website.

All the data related to your location are treated anonymously in a format that does not personally identify you, and are used only to facilitate the use of the journey planner service. Remind that you can change your location sharing settings in your web browser.


Some of the images used within Muoversi in Piemonte come from Unsplash and are used under the Unsplash License.